In an ongoing effort to prevent the sales of our products to minors, has partnered with Bluecheck, a third party out of the box automated age verification system. Bluecheck utilizes proprietary and commercial databases to verify the age and identity of the customer’s provided data.  This service is tailored to meet individual state and federal guidelines as it relates to age verification for the online sale of vapor products. Our utmost concern is to allow verified of age consumers to vapor products to have the ability to purchase those goods while restricting the purchase of vapor products to underaged individuals. Bluecheck went to great lengths to design a process that verifies an individuals age, but makes sure to protect the personal data of the customers.

How It Works:

Bluecheck’s verification system is optimized to provide less invasive customer interaction while helping maximize conversions.

  1. Customer Information Submitted: Customers will provide personal information to Bluecheck through the checkout page.  This seamless process eliminates the need to provide this data a second time. The information provides includes name, billing address, shipping address and credit card information.
  2. Automatic Verification: Once the information is received, Bluecheck will run the customer submitted data against billions of proprietary and commercial database records.  This is a very quick process and usually provides a result in seconds.  In fact, over 85% of users are successfully verified in this manner.
  3. Manual Verification: If there are no matching records found in the database, customers can upload an image of valid photo ID like a drivers license or passport card along with a separate picture of themselves holding the ID to verify the consumers age an identity.
  4. Customer is Verified: As soon as the customer’s age and identity is verified, they are able to make the purchase.  Returning customers are automatically recognized as verified and will not need to verify again.

If you have further questions or concerns in regards to Bluecheck, please visit their website for further assistance. reserves the right to use third party age verification systems to adhere to federal law.  In some instances, we reserve the right to ask for additional identification information prior to purchase if necessary.  A customer must be of legal smoking age in their respective state jurisdiction in which you reside and to be able to secure a credit card to purchase vapor products.  We reserve the right to cancel any order if it is deemed that proper identification was not obtained and verified to the satisfaction of the company.