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13th Floor Elevapors, based out of sunny Orange County, California is a premium e juice manufacturer that is dedicated to creating the highest quality premium e juice to suit the needs of their discerning customers. Their philosophy is to embrace forward thinking that embodies the smoke-free lifestyle. Armed with those founding principles, the mixologists at 13th Floor Elevapors have created a lineup of juices that span the vape flavor universe. The most prominent flavor Django is the flagship juice and is a unique tobacco flavor. They also carry fruity flavors like Bermuda and dessert flavors like Celador. If you are looking for a juice brand that does a lot of flavors in different categories well, look up 13th Floor Elevapors.

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13th Floor Elevapors Logo

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13th Floor Elevapors Django:  13th Floor Elevapors Django is the flagship juice of this brand.  A mixture of vanilla milk and caramel and a couple of drops of Kentucky Flue tobacco on the exhale.  One of the finest tobacco flavored vapes around.

13th Floor Elevapors Iced Lemonade Nic Salt: 13th Floor Elevapors Iced Lemonade nic salt is a great summertime  e juice.  Every puff is lemonade goodness with infused berries with a nice minty and chilly menthol flavor on the exhale.

13th Floor Elevapors Apple Pucker Nic Salt:  13th Floor Elevapors Apple Pucker Nic Salt is a wonderful sweet and sour green apple flavored candy vape that gives you a powerful nicotine hit and a cooling menthol exhale.

13th Floor Elevapors Django Nic Salt: 13th Floor Elevapors Django Nic Salt is an award winning nic salt flavor that combines rich Kentucky Flue tobacco with vanilla milk and ooey-gooey caramel just like the original.  Add in the powerful nicotine punch and you have the nic salt version.

13th Floor Elevapors Celador:  13th Floor Elevapors Celador is a solid dessert flavor with a foundation on a cake favorite.  Strawberry shortcake topped with a dollop of whipped cream paired with a scoop of vanilla ice cream is what the doctor ordered.  The calories in the actual dessert are the only things you will not be having.

13th Floor Elevapors Levitation: 13th Floor Elevapors Levitation is another fine dessert flavor.  Mixing two absolute favorites, blueberry muffin and creamy milkshake, your taste buds will thank you for the for the warm blueberry muffin on the inhale and a rich vanilla milkshake on the exhale.

13th Floor Elevapors Soleil: 13th Floor Elevapors Soleil is their take on a childhood favorite.  Animal shaped cookies dunked in delectable and rich frosting with those tiny pellets of sugar on top.

13th Floor Elevapors Frank N Vape:  13th Floor Elevapors Frank N Vape began as a limited release Halloween vape juice that had huge popularity.  This huge popularity caused 13th Floor Elevapors to release the juice as part of their permanent line.  This is a cereal vape that blends a berry crunchy sugary cereal with fluffy and semisweet marshmellows.

13th Floor Elevapors Dunk N Vape:  13th Floor Elevapors Dunk N Vape seems to go hand in hand with their popular Frank N Vape e juice, but really only in name.  This vape juice is a snack centered e juice that reminds us of golden brown graham crackers on the inhale with creamy vanilla topping on the exhale.

13th Floor Elevapors Bermuda:  13th Floor Elevapors Bermuda is a delicious fruity treat.  Best described as an infusion of mixed tropical berries sitting over a thin bed of granny smith apple slices topped with a champagne flavored soda water that has a bite.

13th Floor Elevapors Spectre:  13th Floor Elevapors Spectre is a simple yet delicious cereal vape.  A frost sprinkled berry cereal coupled with marshmallows topped with a frothy and creamy milk.

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