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The Milkman E Juice is when you see those famous milk carton packages, you know that you can only be looking at one thing: a shelf full of those famous milky e-liquids from The Milkman. In an industry full of companies that specialize in milky and creamy vape juices, The Milkman stands apart as a company that really knows how to cram an e-liquid full of sweetness and creaminess without sacrificing the complexity that a true all-day vape deserves. Almost every e-liquid from The Milkman uses that famous creamy milk flavor as a base note – so if you like one, you have to try them all!

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Milkman E Juice Logo

Milkman E Juice Flavors

The Milkman Salt Sweet Mint Nicotine: The Milkman Salt Sweet Mint Nicotine gives you the best of all worlds when it comes to mint menthol with a nicotine salt flavor added in.  Inhaling this vape give you a nice minty flavor with salt nicotine.  And the exhale is sweet cooling flavor that is topped off with a great menthol burst. The throat hit is light but you will notice it as with most nicotine salts.

The Milkman Salt Sweet Mint: The Milkman Salt Sweet Mint is the same Sweet Mint flavor you have grown to love with its minty inhale followed by sugary sweet notes to finish the vape.  Of course this time, you get a higher concentration of nicotine salt for the refined vaper. The throat hit of this vape is very mellow but you will still taste the nicotine salt.  No, harsh sensation when vaping this e juice.

The Milkman Strudelhaus: The Milkman Strudelhaus is an awesome breakfast centered vape that tastes exactly like a creamy and rich blueberry flavored strudel that is topped with a dash of white powdery sugar. The hallmarks of a strudel are represented in this vape as you get a taste of a fine blueberry jam on a crispy warm flaky pastry.  A great tasting breakfast vape that will leave your mouth yearning for more, but keep your calorie counting to a minimum.

The Milkman Strudelhaus Nicotine Salt: The Milkman Strudelhaus Nicotine Salt has the flavor profile of a buttery blueberry strudel that is topped with a generous helping of powered sugar.  Mimicking an authentic strudel is not an easy feat, but the guys at Milkman did it. The tickle on the throat is very mild and the vape is extremely smooth going down.

The Milkman Pudding Nicotine Salt: The Milkman Pudding Nicotine Salt gives you a great tasting pudding nic salt that has a generous helping of rich vanilla pudding that is topped with just a hint of lemon. A vape so similar to the original that you will find yourself substituting this for the real thing.

The Milkman Nicotine Salt: The Milkman Nicotine Salt is a creamy and rich vanilla bean ice cream that is simple yet complex at the same time.  You get a bunch of different flavors of fruits that top the ice cream for a delightful blend. In salt nicotine form, this vape gives you the flavor explosion and nicotine you crave.

The Milkman Pudding: The Milkman Pudding is an e juice is aptly named for its closeness to the real thing.  This vape is a vanilla flavored pudding mixed perfectly with hints of lemon notes. With each inhale, you will feel that luxurious texture of the cool pudding touch your tongue and leave you pining for more.  Giant vapor production is a trademark for The Milkman and this juice is no different.  If you love pudding, you will love this vape.

The Milkman Moonies: The Milkman Moonies is a delectable dessert vape that reminds us of a delicious piece of buttery vanilla cake with marshmallows accents and chocolate infused throughout the vape. Maximum VG is put inside this vape juice to ensure maximum clouds and heavy vapor.  A perfect vape for those that love dripping.  Coupled with a mild throat hit, this is a great dessert treat.

The Milkman Milky O’s: The Milkman Milky O’s may have you envisioning a cereal vape, but this vape is not.  It is more representative of a cookies and cream vape. A frosted chocolate cookie hits your taste buds immediately while a splash of cool and tasty milk closes out the vape.  A vape that has maximum VG for a flavored filled experience.  A mild throat hit allows you to vape this all day long.

The Milkman Little Dipper: The Milkman The Little Dipper builds on a childhood favorite and makes it into vape form.  Cookies and milk go hand in hand and as you can imagine, the Little Dipper is a sugar cookie that is tasty and warm swimming in a tall glass of cool rich milk.  You get the best of both worlds as you first taste the cookie and then wash it down with that rich nectar from the cow gods.

The Milkman Hazel: The Milkman Hazel is a great example of a vape juice that blends a multitude of wonderful flavors for a fine vape creation.  The flavor profile is of warm ooey gooey caramel layered on top of a hazelnut vanilla cream and topped with a fine glaze. A great mixture of flavors for a great vape that allows for a high volume of clouds but is smooth to the taste when vaping.

The Milkman Gold Nicotine Salt: The Milkman Gold Nicotine Salt is the newest flavor in the Nicotine Salt line. The flavor profile is of a fine and full flavored tobacco with slight notes of honey and cream to cut to give the vape a nice sweet tobacco taste.  A vape that is extremely mellow and offers a slight throat hit.

The Milkman Churrios: The Milkman Churrios is a play on a Mexican treat, the cinnamon and sugar topped churro  that is unique in both taste and look. If you have ever had a churro, you can relive this cinnamon and sugar dessert over and over with each puff.  The throat hit is mild, so this can be a candidate for an all day vape.

The Milkman Crumbleberry Nicotine Salt: The Milkman Crumbleberry Nicotine Salt is an awesome creamy raspberry pie flavored vape.  The flavor profile is of a sweet and tart raspberry cream along with a warm, flaky, and buttery pie crust. It’s a dessert vape that will give memories of your grandmothers kitchen.  The mouth and lung experience is very enjoyable as every flavor comes to life during the inhale and exhale of this vape.

The Milkman Crumbleberry: The Milkman Crumbleberry is another in a long line of sweet dessert vapes. The flavor profile is of a sweet and tart raspberry whipped cream that is laid perfectly on top of a crisp warm flaky pie like crust.  A great tasting pie vape that hits your mouth initially with a ton of raspberry goodness finishing up with that buttery pie crust.  A mild throat hit allows this vape to go down oh so smoothly and leaves visions of tastiness before the next puff.

The Milkman: The Milkman by The Milkman is the original flavor that spawned off a revolution.  It is a amalgamation of ice cream made of vanilla bean, a generous splash of milk, and a spattering of different kinds of fruit flavors. A great juice with maximum cloud production and also expertly marketed in a milk carton like container.

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