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Cyclops Vapor with a limited but high-quality e-liquid lineup, the founders of Cyclops Vapor have parlayed eight years of vaping experience into creating a vape juice brand that never loses its focus on flawless blending. Cyclops Vapor stands apart in an industry dominated by “me too” e-liquids that simply try to capitalize on the demand for whatever flavor profiles are popular at the moment. Every Cyclops Vapor product undergoes a development phase sometimes lasting several months before the finished e-liquid reaches the market – and many of Cyclops’s prototype e-liquids never reach the market at all. If an e-liquid doesn’t completely fulfil its original vision, Cyclops doesn’t release it.

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Cyclops Vapor Logo

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Cyclops Vapor Poseidon: Cyclops Vapor Poseidon takes ripe and fresh melons and mixes them with a long list of unnamed refreshing fruits to arrive at a fruit medley worthy of the gods.  The crispness of the juice is only complimented by the sweet fruit flavors of the fruits that make up this vape.  The juice offers powerful flavors and fruity notes that linger inside the mouth and surprise you with every puff.  There are so many fruit flavors, that it will take many puffs to truly unveil the fullness of this vape.

Cyclops Vapor Truth Serum Strawberries and Cream: Cyclops Vapor Truth Serum Strawberries and Cream is a juice that has been done a lot.  Ripe strawberries intermixed with sweet cream is a juice in many a vape company arsenal.  Cyclops has done the world a great service by offering tis Truth Serum line with Strawberries and Cream.  With this vape, you get a full body juice with a modest helping of cream and generous helping of strawberries.

Cyclops Vapor Fubar: Cyclops Vapor Fubar is a wonderful delicious cinnamon and sugar cereal vape that introduced the rich cinnamon flavor when it first hits the lips and provides for a lasting after effect with every puff.  A relatively new juice from the guys at Cyclops, but definitely a winner in the eyes of cinnamon lovers.  An all day vape that is good with your morning coffee until you lay your head to sleep at night.

Cyclops Vapor Colossus: Cyclops Vapor Colossus is a vanilla custard vape for the ages.  Many companies have tried to make this vape flavor, but the offering from Colossus is one of the best.  The vanilla custard flavor is enough to satisfy any dessert craving, but not overpowering to the senses.  This juice is not very smooth and not overly sweet, like a vanilla custard should be.  Made from the highest quality ingredients, you will feel any chemical aftertastes.

Cyclops Vapor Athena: Cyclops Vapor Athena is fine mixture of apples.  You have the sweet red apples coupled with the slightly sour but equally delicious green apples for a mouth watering apple explosion in your mouth.  The apple lover will be in love with this vape, as will any other fruit aficionado.  The e juice is aptly named as the vape is two sided, with sweet and sour points.  Just like the goddess Athena, she can be sweet, but can definitely sour if rubbed the wrong way.  

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