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The Cuttwood e-liquid company has become a virtual institution in the few years since the brand launched. From the company’s distinctive labels to their insistence on packaging their products in glass bottles – even at the 120 ml size – to preserve every drop of flavor, there’s something special that truly sets Cuttwood e-liquid apart from other brands. A premium e-liquid in every aspect but price, Cuttwood has never attempted to chase the “budget” moniker but prices its products affordably nonetheless. If you ask us, the most essential Cuttwood e-liquid is Bird Brains. In a world full of cereal e-liquids, Bird Brains stands out as perhaps the most incredible fruity cereal e-liquid on the planet – complete with a delicious note of sweetened milk.

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Cuttwood Sugar Drizzle: Cuttwood Sugar Drizzle is one of the more popular Cuttwood juices as its flavorings mimic cinnamon dessert with milk.  You get a cinnamon topped sugar cookie that is blended with a creamy cinnamon aftertaste that will be sure to win the hearts of each vaper.  This juice is for the cinnamon lover, but also fans of big vapor.  The VG/PG mix of 70/30 makes sure that you will be able to maximize cloud production without sacrificing flavor.  The cinnamon flavor naturally causes a tad more of a throat hit, but it will not overwhelm you.

Cuttwood Bird Brains: Cuttwood Bird Brains is a fine premium vape that reminds us of the Fruit Loops cereal we had as kids.  The key to this cereal e juice is that there is no creamy cool milk to help wash down the cereal.  It reminds you of sticking your hand into the big box of cereal and pulling out the multi colored fruit rings dry and popping them in your mouth.  The sugary coating lasts on the tongue for a while as you grab for more.  The VG and PG blend is optimal for allowing big huge clouds but gives the mouth a wonderful palate profile with every puff.  The throat hit is gentle all around and can become an all day vape.

Cuttwood Boss Reserve: Cuttwood Boss Reserve is a complex, but very delicious vape that has its origins in a graham cracker cereal.  This Honey Grahams inspired vape blends slices of bananas, honey roasted nuts on a bed of the graham crackers and then doused with a healthy portion of milk.  For an out of this world cereal vape with banana and nuts, the Boss Reserve is a vape worth trying.  There is a mild throat hit as each ingredient is mild in itself.  The VG/PG mix is optimized toward providing ample cloud production, while preserving the a sound tasting flavor.

Cuttwood Unicorn Milk: Cuttwood Unicorn Milk is their version of the tried and true strawberries and cream vape.  Cuttwood does a great job with this vape blends not one or two, but four sweet creams with an inviting helping of sweet ripe strawberries.  A simple yet sinfully delicious vape that is bound to have you pining for more.  The VG and PG blend is expertly metered to give you great flavor, but also ample cloud production.  The throat hit is mild and smooth and is a pleasant vape for consistent inhale and exhale.  You will not be disappointed if you love your dessert vapes.  And frankly, who doesn’t love strawberries and cream.

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