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Shijin Vapor was born out of necessity. The owner of Shijin Vapor switched to e-cigarettes almost 10 years ago because his daughter’s life depended on him being smoke-free. Thus, the idea was born to create high quality e-juices. Shijin prides itself on providing top rate quality control and unmatched sanitary conditions to produce the cleanest and highest grade e liquid for your consumption.

Shijin Vapor’s flavors are quite rangy and have entries in multiple categories. If you like fruity vapes, they have it, candy vape, check. Even tobacco and menthol flavors are offered by this top e liquid brand. If you are looking for a high quality vape juice brand that prides itself on bringing the best product to market, be sure to check out Shijin Vapors on Smoking Things.

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Shijin Vapor Logo

Shijin Vapor Flavors

Shijin Vapor Privilege 100 Club: Shijin Vapor Privilege is a high end one of a kind premium tobacco cigar flavor vape blended and aged so perfectly that the notes of vanilla cream are front and center with every puff. Add in dashes of caramel and burnt sugar, you have the making of a perfectly vibrant and tasty vape. As a stand alone juice in the Shijin line, this vape must deliver on the taste, smoothness, and overall balance of a premium product.  Privilege 100 delivers that in droves.

Shijin Vapor Deja Brew: Shijin Vapor Deja Brew is a fine coffee flavor that is light roasted and nicely balanced with a dash of cinnamon and sweet cream. The juice is perfect for that vaper who enjoys a steaming hot cup of coffee.  In fact, this e juice was created to suit all palates. Even if you are not a big fan of coffee, the other flavors in this vape may win you over.  Sometimes, don’t judge a book by its cover.

Shijin Vapor Melon Ball: Shijin Vapor Melon Ball is a vape juice with Asian influences, especially Japan. This juice reminds us of the melon cantaloupe bubblegum that is omnipresent in neighborhood bodegas in Japan. The taste is unique, but after a few puffs, you will be thinking of your last trip out to the orient.

Shijin Vapor Frozen Limeade: Shijin Vapor Frozen Limeade brings together two thirst quenching flavors to make the best and most refreshing summertime vape. A smile that will extend from ear to ear will be had as you take in that tarty lime and lemon flavors that are coupled with the right amount of sweetener to make the perfect lime lemonade. A clinic in sweet and tart, this vape flavor is as good as it gets.

Shijin Vapor Its Pixy Mango Lime Chilled: Shijin Vapor Its Pixy Mango Lime Chilled is a vape juice that brings the tropics to you. A clinic in sweet and sour tastes, this vape mixes the sweet mangoes with the sour limes that will have you yearning for those humid and hot days laying on the beach on your favorite island. Add in a nice menthol cooling hit and the heat your body feels dissipates into a rush of cool air conditioning.

Shijin Vapor Its Pixy Cucumber Watermelon: Shijin Vapor Its Pixy Cucumber Watermelon is a great summer vape for those yearning for a refreshingly cool vape experience.  Crispy and cool cucumbers is blended with watermelon in a delightful vape. Bottled at 100 ML, this juice is perfect for your dripping needs. 

Shijin Vapor Frozen Berries: Shijin Vapor Frozen Berries is a berry juice mixture that is cold pressed and ready to be cape. This juice is tagged as frozen because there is a dash of menthol on the exhale that provides that chilling sensation. The berry mixture is full of blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries to create a fruity berry base that is oh so pleasing to the tongue. With the sweet menthol aftertaste, there is a treat at the end of every puff.

Shijin Vapor Vape Maid Blazzberry Lemonade: Shijin Vapor Vape Maid Blazzberry Lemonade is a fine raspberry and blueberry lemonade treat. Your taste buds will be heightened with an excellent combination of tarty raspberries and sweet blueberries that is a definite twist to your usual lemonade. If you are looking for a tart filled fruit vape and you are also a lemonade lover, this vape would be perfect for you.

Shijin Vapor Vape Maid Strawberry Lemonade: Shijin Vapor Vape Maid Strawberry Lemonade is the third installment in the Lemonade trilogy. This time, ripe and sweet strawberries are blended into the lemonade for a sinfully delicious and smooth all day vape juice. You will realize a blast of strawberries initially followed by the sweet lemonade to finish off the vape.

Shijin Vapor Vape Maid Peach Lemonade: Shijin Vapor Vape Maid Peach Lemonade is a perfect vape for those hot summer days. Lemonade is always refreshing when your brow is filled with beads of sweat. The Peach Lemonade vape is the perfect lemonade flavor with notes of peach.  It’s a wonderful blend that will have you thinking back to those carefree days of lounging with a tall glass of the refreshing elixir.

Shijin Vapor Its Pixy Sour Green Apple Chilled: Shijin Vapor Its Pixy Sour Green Apple Chilled is the same sour green apple candy, but this time with a menthol finish. Same juice as the original, but for those that are craving an awesome cooling effect, they will have to look no further than the sister Chilled juice to satisfy that “cool” tooth. 

Shijin Vapor Its Pixy Cucumber Watermelon Chilled: Shijin Vapor Its Pixy Cucumber Watermelon Chilled is a nice blend of cool cucumbers and sweet watermelon with a cool hit of ice cold menthol. The delicious mix of cucumbers and watermelon has been done before, but the menthol kicker is what puts this juice over the top.  Welcome in.

Shijin Vapor Its Pixy Sour Green Apple: Shijin Vapor Its Pixy Sour Green Apple is a simple sour and sweet candy centered vape juice. The sour apple notes reveal themselves immediately while the sweet sugar flavors bring us back to center for a delicious green apple experience. One puff and you will feel like you are sucking those sour straws.

Shijin Vapor Its Pixy Mango Lime: Shijin Vapor Its Pixy Mango Lime is a vape juice that is based on a classic one two punch. First, you get an uppercut of fresh and tropical mango that will knock you off your feet.  The lime jab that follows will make sure that you stay down. Unlike your normal mango vape, this juice is super flavorful and is perfect for your dripping needs.

Shijin Vapor Dragon Cloud: Shijin Vapor Dragon Cloud is a trip to a decadent bakery where warm glazed Cinnabons are waiting to be eaten. Add in heaping scoop of vanilla ice cream and you have a dessert vape that inviting and tasty. The vape is two parts, glazed cinnamon roll hits the mouth first, followed by that icy ice cream. A Cinnabon lovers delight for sure.

Shijin Vapor Phoenix Tears: Shijin Vapor Phoenix Tears is a fine cookies and cream dessert combination. The flavor profile is of a snickerdoodle like cookie combined with rich and creamy vanilla custard topped with a spoonful of light strawberry cream. It’s a juice that will leave your sweet taste buds satisfied with every puff.

Shijin Vapor Tiger’s Milk: Shijin Vapor Tiger’s Milk is a ubiquitous black milk tea with a hint of peaches. From its Asian roots, this juice gives you a nice bold and full of flavor black tea with just enough tarty peaches followed by a cool milk exhale. 

Shijin Vapor Tortoise Blood: Shijin Vapor Tortoise Blood has the flavor profile of a green apple and blue raspberry sherbet. Its another two part vape that is fruitastic to the taste. Initially, you get green apples that are sour and secondarily you get the burst of raspberries and sherbet. It’s a juice that you can vape all day and feel happy with the experience.

Shijin Vapor Tortoise on Ice: Shijin Vapor Tortoise on Ice is the same green apples and blue raspberry in sherbet form with a cooling hit of menthol. The cooling menthol blast really opens the vape experience as the flavors of the raspberry and apples are heightened and makes your taste buds shiver in delight. 

Shijin Vapor Tortoise on the Rocks: Shijin Vapor Tortoise on the Rocks is another derivation of the popular Tortoise line. This time, green apple and blue raspberry sherbet blended with a spearmint bubble gum. You have the great initial flavors but adding in the spearmint is a minty blast that will add a winter cool to the vape experience. Its an all day vape that you will keep you cool.

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