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Propaganda E Liquid launched more than four years ago with an initial budget of just $200, Propaganda E-Liquid is one of the vaping industry’s great success stories. Beginning with a lineup of four flavors and an instantly recognizable logo, Propaganda now features several distinct e-liquid labels that have become fixtures in local and online vape shops throughout the United States. Hype? Propaganda invented it. With each new release causing a stir throughout the vaping industry, there can be no doubt that every Propaganda E-Liquid is blended with care using the finest ingredients available to create a vape juice that’ll never fail to satisfy you all day.

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Propaganda E Liquid Logo

Propagand E Liquid Flavors

Propagand E Liquid Vape Pink Chew: Propaganda E Liquid Vape Pink Chew is a delicious sweet strawberry candy vape that will have you coming back for more.  As the name implies, this is a soft chewy strawberry candy that provides a sugar speck coating to tickle the taste buds.  The throat hit is mild and unassuming and something you would expect from a vape packaged in such a friendly way. 

Propaganda E Liquid The Hype Rocket Pop: Propaganda E Liquid The Hype Rocket Pop will take you back to partying on July 4th with its red, white, and blue themed rocket popsicles.  The flavor of these popsicles will leave you dreaming of the real thing as they are mirror images of each other.  Fruit berries and sugar coupled with the cooling effect of a real popsicle will have you pining for more.  The throat hit is mild and cool as you would expect from a dessert vape.

Propaganda E Liquid The Hype Strawberry Shortcake: Propaganda E liquid The Hype Strawberry Shortcake is those delicious white and pink strawberry centered ice cream bars you had as a child.  The strawberry flavors are present the second you inhale this juice while the creamy texture of the ice cream is what you experience afterwards.  The throat hit again is mellow and the vape is very smooth.  Be careful, you may want to puff this vape too much.  If you love strawberry ice cream bars, this is the vape for you.

Propaganda E Liquid The Hype Cotton Candy: Propaganda E Liquid The Hype Cotton Candy is another nostalgic vape juice that brings back memories of the summer fair.  Sugar whipped around in a wind tunnel captured on a stick for the enjoyment of your ten year old self is what you will remember as you vape this juice.  Red Strawberry and blue raspberry cotton candy are the two flavors that get melded together for a sugary dessert that is better than or equal to the real thing.  Each puff will leave you grasping for more of that ball of fluffy blue and pink goodness.

Propaganda E Liquid The Hype Blue Slushee: Propaganda E Liquid The Hype Blue Slushee is that blue 7-11 Icee that you used to get as a kid.  Sweet raspberry flavoring is what you will get and visions of brain freezes and blue tongues dance in your head.  A subtle and smooth throat tickle is what you will welcome with every puff.  A delicious flavor that you will soon not forget.

Propaganda E Liquid Vape Pink Swirl: Propaganda E Liquid Vape Pink Swirl is another delicious dessert centered around sherbet ice cream.  As with any sherbet, you get a light and tasty mixture of fruit flavorings.  Pink Swirl sherbet is lemon lime, and orange flavored for a tart and sweet medley in the mouth.  The VG PG dispersion allows for big clouds and powerful flavoring for the best of both worlds.  For a light all day type vape, you can definitely look to Pink Swirl for a quick whirl.  Maybe you will end up with a new favorite flavor.

Propaganda E Liquid Vape Pink Cookie Butter: Propaganda E Liquid Vape Pink Cookie Butter is a vape aptly named.  Oatmeal cookie butter is paired nicely with creamy and cool cow’s milk in this unique dessert centered vape experience.  Relive your experiences in your moms kitchen as she prepares to make cookies and you grabbing the spoon for bite of that uncooked dough.  This is the Cookie Butter.  In line with a sweet vape, the throat hit is very mild and often leads to extra puffs of the vape.  The vapor from this vape is full bodied and thick for those who love to blow the big clouds.

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