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Loaded E Juice is founded in Orange County California, Loaded E-liquid is a premium vape juice company that does all their manufacturing with Ruthless Vapors.Glazed Donuts was their first flavor, a spot-on replica of the glazed donut and a cult favorite amongst vapers everywhere.Six flavors followed before the newest dessert flavors came out in the form of Apple Fritter and Melon Milkshake.Loaded uses the highest quality ingredients to create the sweetest of e juices and conjuring up the tastes of our favorite desserts.

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Loaded E Liquid by Ruthless Vapors

Loaded E Liquid Flavors

Loaded Apple Fritter: Loaded Apple Fritter is warm fresh out of the oven apple fritter with a sugary glaze on top for that crunch.  You get a taste of that breakfast treat with every puff. Crisp and buttered crust with sweet apples dipped in a delicious syrup with spicy cinnamon notes drizzled on top for a fine tasting vape that is straight from the local donut shop.

Loaded Melon Milkshake: Loaded Melon Milkshake is a super tasty vanilla based milkshake vape that is blended expertly with delicious tasting honeydew melon. A refreshingly smooth and creamy melon and vanilla ice cream marriage made in heaven. If you love honeydew and ice cream, this juice will hit your mouth with the flavors you will be craving for. The cloud creation is also voluminous for those ostentatious times.

Loaded Smores: Loaded Smores reminds us of those younger years around a campfire on a cold summer’s night. The flavor profile is of slightly melted marshmallows and dripping creamy milk chocolate perfectly placed in between two graham crackers. Together, these flavors emulate the fireside smore, but as a vape you get to taste the flavors individually. First, you get the melting rich and creamy chocolate followed by graham cracker cookies and finally marshmallows.

Loaded Cran Apple: Loaded Cran Apple is a great attempt to meld the sour and sweet flavors together to delight the taste buds. As the name describes, the cranberries hit your tongue with a vengeance and awakens the taste buds. The sweet crisp apple taste is what follows for a nice contrast to the initial sour notes. This is a great fruit centered vape with that will excite your mouth and force you to ask for more.

Loaded Cran Apple Iced: The Loaded Cran Apple Iced is one of the only flavors in the Loaded line that was made into a menthol infused juice. The flavor profile is of red crispy apples and tart cranberries that adds a cooling menthol finish. The blend has been done often in juices, but this is one of the first times, the blend has happened in vape juice form. If you are looking to lower the temperature on a hot summers day with a cool and refreshing fruit vape, look no further.

Loaded Strawberry Jelly Donut: Loaded Strawberry Jelly Donut is every bit as described by the title. A sugary glazed donut that is filled with a strawberry jam filling. A sugar filled all day vape that is waiting for your taste buds to envelope the sweetness. If you love strawberry jelly donuts, this vape is for you. Your belly will thank you for this calorie free delight. For big clouds and wonderful flavor, look no further than this juice.

Loaded Cookie Butter: Loaded Cookie Butter draws its inspiration from the Speculoos Cookies from Belgium. A spiced shortcrust biscuit with notes of cinnamon, pepper, butter, and brown sugar. Add in the cookie butter spread and you have the making of a great dessert vape. With a 70% VG, this vape will guarantee huge cloud production coupled without sacrificing the intricate tastes of the vape.

Loaded Lemon Bar: Loaded Lemon Bar is a version of the wonderful comfort dessert, the Lemon Bar. Comprised of a flaky and buttery pastry crust that is topped with a squishy lemon curd and finally topped with powdered sugar. This is a granny favorite from back in the day that will have you yearning for those yesterdays. For a sinfully delicious lemon dessert that lacks the calories, this vape is for you.

Loaded Glazed Donuts: Loaded Glazed Donuts, perhaps the most popular juice in the Loaded line is exactly what you would imagine from a juice with this name. Picture a fresh from the fryer warm and fresh donut with a sugar glazed topping that will knock your socks off. That glaze will initially hit your palate with a sinful surprise followed by hit of cinnamon that blends oh so perfectly with glaze. A wonderful dessert treat that could double as a breakfast pick me up.


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