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What Is E Liquid?

Whether you call it e liquid, vape juice or e juice, e liquid is the most important aspect of the vaping experience. If you vape for the nicotine, e liquid is the carrier. More importantly, the vape juice that you choose is what determines the flavors you’ll enjoy when vaping. If you ever feel as though your vaping experience isn’t all that it could be, the first thing that you should do is try a new e juice.

What Is In E Liquid?

Most e liquid contains just four things: vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, flavors and nicotine. Although vape juice isn’t edible, most makers use only food-safe ingredients when creating their products. In the United States, the FDA requires all e liquid makers to register the ingredients of their juices.

How Is E Liquid Made?

Most of today’s vape juice comes out of clean room facilities set up specifically for e juice production. A significant number of e liquid brands hire those facilities to mix and bottle their products.

What Is the Right E Liquid Nicotine Strength?

The ideal nicotine strength depends on what your needs are, but we can make a general recommendation based on the type of vaping device that you use. If your device has open airflow characteristics – and you inhale the vapor directly to your lungs – the ideal nicotine strength for your vape juice is most likely 3 or 6 mg. If your device has tight airflow – and you inhale the vapor from your mouth to your lungs – you should try a nicotine strength of at least 6 mg and perhaps as high as 18 mg. Some vapers go even higher than that.

What If I Choose the Wrong E Liquid Nicotine Strength?

If the nicotine strength that you select is too high for you, you’ll probably find it difficult to inhale because the e liquid will cause throat irritation. If you have a device with variable power settings, try lowering your device’s wattage or voltage. If you select a nicotine strength that’s too low, you’ll find that you go through your e liquid quickly because you aren’t getting enough nicotine to feel satisfied. Try a different nicotine strength when you order e liquid again.

What Vape Juice Flavor Should I Try First?

If you’re new to vaping, you might consider starting with a tobacco or menthol flavor to get an experience reminiscent of smoking a cigarette. Don’t stop there, though, because the most exciting flavors in the world of e juice have nothing at all to do with recreating the flavors of smoking. With all of the different flavoring compounds that vape juice makers have at their disposal, they can recreate the flavors of popular candies, desserts, baked goods, fruits and more.